Popcorn meets chocolate!

The noble snack for chocolate and popcorn lovers.

Making-of Popcorn Commercial​

Popcorn flying through chocolate? It’s gotta be a computer animation!

No, it’s not. It’s real. 

We accompanied our film crew during the exciting shooting.


Wo kommt unser Mais her?

Für unser feines Läderach Popcorn haben wir uns für den exklusiven Schweizer Mais von TOPCORN entschieden. Die Familie Eugster baut auf ihrem Hof im St. Galler Rheintal, Schweiz, unseren Mais an. Die hochwertige Qualität der Maiskörner ist essentiell für die Herstellung unseres edlen Popcorns.

Lernt unseren Mais-Bauer persönlich kennen im kurzen Video.

Why is our popcorn so crunchy?

Immediately after the corn kernels are “popped” into fluffy popcorn, they are carefully caramelized by hand with real Swiss sugar and finally sprinkled with the finest Läderach chocolate. This keeps our fine snack so crispy and fresh.

Did you know?

Fun Facts around Popcorn Universe​

Why does corn "pop"?

Due to the heat, the water contained in the maize grain turns into steam and expands. As a result, the pressure inside rises until the solid corn husk bursts. The popcorn makes a loud "pop" sound and jumps up into the air.

Are there different forms of popcorn?

Yeah, there's "mushroom" popcorn that looks like a mushroom. Because of its stable form it is used for Läderach popcorn. "Butterfly" popcorn, on the other hand, has an irregular and large surface, which is ideal for sugaring or salting and is therefore often used.

How high can a grain of corn pop?

A grain of corn can fly up to one meter high when "popping"! So always keep the lid on it.

How long has the popcorn been around?

Evidence suggests that popcorn corn (puffed corn) existed in Peru as early as 4700 BC, making it one of the oldest corn species. The Peruvians not only made delicious popcorn from this corn, but also corn flour. Great idea!

How many kernels are in one corn cob?

A normal corn cob contains on average about 600 corn kernels.

Can any grain of corn pop?

No, not every grain of corn can be made into popcorn. Only the so-called "popcorn" is suitable for it.
Other types of corn are, for example, the "fodder corn" for animals or the sweet "sweet corn" that we humans consume unpopped and often as a salad.

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